A theatre for 1£, the 32-spin-ballet-move explained and the 18 opera singers to watch!

1. We have been at the stage door many time and also Instagram is filed with #stagedoor photos, where fans get to meet the artists. West End Wilma has a great think piece on her blog “Are theatregoers ‘entitled’ to get autographs after a seeing a show?” What is your opinion?

2. Ever wondered what the dressing rooms of artists look like? The Dressing Room Project shows you exactly that! Go backstage with Michael Kushner Photography.

3. Did you know that up until a few weeks ago, there were no pointe shoes for black and Asian dancers in the UK? Ballet Black, a professional ballet company for international dancers of black and Asian background collaborated with Freed of London to change that. This is huge!

4. Have you noticed the gold foil on Instagram?
We are many! The #metoo movement not only shook the film industry, but also the arts. There is no denying that the tone is getting rough in the World and the political situation in many countries raises eyebrows. “Wir sind viele /We are many” sets a sign against hate, racism, sexism in Germany and we can all participate. Many museums, theaters, operas and artists have signed the petition.

5. Come backstage with us! Together with the Bayerisches Staatsballet Spectacle takes you backstage for an instawalk. Sign up on HERE.

6. Principal Dancer of the Royal Ballet in London, Steven McRae, will join the cast for an upcoming film adaption. Check out which musical will soon be on the big screen.

7. You could own a 123-year-old theatre in Burnley, Lancaster, about an hour away from Manchester, UK. The auction starts at 1£. Interested?


8. Listen to the only known recording of an castrato!

9. Physics and ballet: In the thrid act, there is a scene in Swan Lake, during which the black swan spins again and again and again. Thirty-two times to be exact! It’s called fouétte and how is that possible? This video explains it!

10. Opera News features the 18 opera singers you should keep a close eye on in 2018/2019 (and beyond!).