#InspiredbyPorsche: What are Friedemann Vogel's favorite songs? Check out the spotify list.

This post is an exclusive cooperation with Porsche Newsroom and Friedemann Vogel

We all have them: A couple of songs, which we turn up and sing along to. In the shower, at work or very often in the car. Funny how you can often remember the songs you haven’t heard in years. Especially when one drives a sleek, fast car a great song is almost essential. For the past two weeks we brought you a cooperation with Stuttgart ballet principal dancer, Friedemann Vogel. With #InspiredbyPorsche Friedemann Vogel translates the movement of the car into a dance. Spectacle was there for the video shoot and also shared a few behind the screnes insights.

Friedemann Vogel Porsche Spotify list

We also jumped at the chance to ask Friedemann Vogel, what songs he likes to listen to when hits the gas pedal. Friedemann shared 20+ songs that run on repeat on his playlist. Check them out below.

Happy driving!