Black Swan or White Swan - Fashion label Baustelle Berlin

You don't have to be a ballet aficionado in order to understand what „White Swan“ and „Black Swan“ mean. Heck, you don't even have to see the movie!

That is the great thing about the sweaters that Jan Hogenboom designs for his fashion label Baustelle Berlin. Baustelle Berlin translates to construction site Berlin. If you have ever been to Berlin, you would know how fitting this is. Besides it also describes the process of building a label from nothing with just an idea. The sweaters caught our eye over on Pinterest and a quick click on the link landed us right in a pretty cool online shop.

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Besides the swan sweaters, you can also proclaim your love for Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky. In cyrillic. Spell checked and approved by Russians. No worries!

Marketing is everything and who could better model these shirts than dancers? The first photos were shot by ballet photographer Ira Yakovleva in St. Petersburg, Russia.
What really surprised us, was the price of the sweaters, the sweaters are made out of cotton, are oversized and unisex and cost between 40-50€, depending on the style you choose. There are plenty of labels out there that charge you much, much more for cotton sweaters with a simple print on it.

One thing that comes to mind is – what about sustainability with a price like that? Sustainability is a topic close to the heart of the founder, Jan Hogenboom. As a matter of fact, he dedicates blog posts to this topic and gives you some food for thought. Jan wants to reduce the negative ecological impact of his supply chain, that is necessary to produce his fashion. The other principle is to ensure fair and safe working conditions for the people working on his products. You can tell from his blog posts, that Jan gave this some serious thoughts and instead of complaining about what he cannot change, he focuses on the points that he can. Jan is open to start a discussion about this and is fully transparent, too.
Jan Hogenboom is 27 years old, from The Netherlands and moved to Berlin two years ago to work for a major online retailer. He has now taken the plunge and is working full time on his label, that has been online since 2017. A few years ago he picked up his hobby of dancing and even though he doesn't dance professionally, he has dipped his toes deeper into the ballet world. That's where the idea to Baustelle Berlin and its products stems from.

Baustelle Berlin hits the fashion mark, because it appeals to dancers and street wear lovers alike. In the future the label wants to produce more sweaters, shirts, hoodies and also dance wear, such as leotards, may be in the future. Regardless if you are a dancer or look for a gift for the dancer in your life, Baustelle Berlin should be on your radar!

Are you a black swan or a white swan?
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