Three great theatre Kickstarter campaigns that you can back up.

There are a few websites that keep me away from work. Clicking on them means I'm lost in the rabbit hole. I try to tell myself it is research, but how many episodes of "Who do you think you are?" can I watch until it becomes a problem? I'll let you know when I have the answer.

Kickstarter is such a website. So many creative people on there creating the product I love to own or support. We know the arts are often the first area where funds are cut when the going gets tough. If you wanted to stage a play or a musical in the past, you got some patrons together and hoped that they would cut a cheque. But Kickstarter offers more opportunity to reach like minded people that are convinced your idea is worth supporting.

Kickstarter has a category for theatre projects and we found some projects you might want to take a closer look at.

1. Black and Blue: The Yvonne Bechet Story

Yvonne Bechet was one of the first female police officers in New Orleans. And she is black. She started her career when she was 19 and a wife and mother. Together with her colleagues, she worked for social change in her community across lines of gender and race.  Yvonne Bechet retired in 1990 and still is the highest ranking woman officer in New Orleans Police Department.
Do look up this remarkable woman as her credentials and work are very impressive.
Her story is fascinating and it fits into these times.

 NOPD Talent Show Circa 1973

NOPD Talent Show Circa 1973

Black and Blue wants to be more than just a play. The artists and makers want to make sure this play is used as a platform for conversation, understanding and (most importantly) change. Each performance will have a brief introduction and also a dialogue. The makers plan to make up the audience of the general public but also with police officers to get the conversation going.

The makers need 5.000$ and 81% is already financed.
Get more details on their Kickstarter page.


2. Love Song To Lavender Menace

The musical Love Song to Lavender Menace will be on at the Royal Lyceum Theatre in Edinburgh between 12-21 October 2017 with a tour through Scottland after its run.
Lavender Menace is a book store that played a vital role in Scotland's LGBT liberation. It was opened by Bob Orr and Sigrid Nielsen in 1982 and offered all the LGBT publications to the community that was available for the very first time. It started out at the LGBT History Month Scotland Cultural Commission and was first read at the Traverse Theatre in LGBT History Month 2016. The run at the Royal Lyceum Theatre will be its world premiere.

What's it all about? Here is what the makers are saying: "The play is set on the evening of the shop’s 5th birthday, when sales assistants Paul and David take a look back at its origins, its importance, its celebration of queer culture, how things have changed for the better (maybe) ... and straight away, the arguments begin!"
It is written by James Ley and directed by Ros Philips.

Your funding will ensure a play ready to take on the road, it will also cover travel costs.
3500 Pounds are needed and it is still a stretch to go.
Find out more on the Kickstarter page. 


3. The Wild Party

It's the Roaring Twenties when a bunch of vaudevillians try to party their problems away during one wild night.
Between October 1-31, 2017 you can be part of this wild party! The Wild Party is based on a poem from 1928 that was so scandalous, it was banned right from the start. But you know, that the forbidden fruit is the sweetest. 
And this musical seems to be quite sweet. You will be more than just an attendee at a musical. You will be smack dab in the middle of it. You are invited to The Wild Party and will be surprised by musical numbers and so much more.

 Meridith C. Grundei in Sweet & Lucky. Photo Credit: Adams VisCom

Meridith C. Grundei in Sweet & Lucky. Photo Credit: Adams VisCom

Denver's OFF CENTER thinks outside the box and brings their audiences a 360-degree experience. This isn't their first time on Kickstarter. Their previous campaign was backed too and Sweet & Lucky was met with huge success from the community. If that previous show is anything to go buy, you sure want to be part of this one, too!

Get your dancing shoes on, grab a gin and enjoy the party!
25.000$ was needed and the makers have surpassed that goal!
Get all the details about that wild party right over on their Kickstarter page.