We are going to Bayreuth for an Instawalk! Wagner Festspiele here we come.

If there is such a thing as a bucket list of opera lovers, the Richard-Wagner-Festival in Bayreuth is on it!
Each summer since 1876, with a few exceptions, opera lovers and Wagner admirers descend upon the Green Hill to listen to one (or all) of Richard Wagners works. The history surrounding this iconic location is long, exciting and interesting, to say the least. The performances take place in a specially designed theatre, that Wagner himself oversaw. Getting tickets is not an easy task, some patrons have to wait for years to walk through those halls.

And Spectacle is one of the lucky ones! No, we don't have tickets. As a matter of fact, our deal is so much sweeter. Before the festival starts (July 25th, - August 28th, 2017), the Wagner Festspiele, have organised an Instawalk this coming Saturday, for a few lucky Instagrammers and I'm part of this. 
The official Instagram channel of Wagner Festspiele is already giving people a great insight and it just adds to the exitement of seeing it for myself.

I'm so so excited to be able to walk around and take a look backstage. That is certainly a look not even ticket holders are getting.

Follow either me or Spectacle on our Instagram to get an insight look into Bayreuth this Saturday, July 22nd, 2017.