My first and only time on stage as an actor

This is it. The first and only time I ever stood on stage as an actor. And I wasn't even the first choice!

In 1994/1995 I was a foreign exchange student in Minden, Louisiana. I was barely 16 years old andI was a junior in high school.
The drama club at Minden High School worked to put "12 angry men" on stage and in the play, there is also a "foreigner". This foreigner was played by, well, actually by another foreign exchange student from Russia. But she had to drop out and so they asked me to take the role.
The local newspaper editor came out to watch us perform and I still have this photo in my desk drawer. I had a terrific time!

I don't remember much about this play. Other than we performed twice: Once for the WHOLE school. Which means in front of my high school crush! I remember being horrified when I saw him in the auditorium and then once more for friends and family and people who bought a ticket. 

I also remember not pronouncing "bifocals" correctly! I actually still don't know on what syllable I have to put the emphasis. But this word was part of a line I had to say, and I have a feeling I may have pronounced it correctly because I was lucky.
I wonder if I ever get to say it correctly.