Jonas Kaufmann makes his role debut as Otello and you can be very close. As close as a cinema lets you.

If you had to name an opera singer, whose name is not only known to opera lovers but also appears in the popular press, who would you pick? Jonas Kaufmann, that's who!

Jonas Kaufmann is often described with terms that are meant to be complimented but fail miserably. He once was described as dark chocolate by a German magazine. But there is more to Kaufmann than just being handsome.
After rather rough last months during which Jonas Kaufmann wasn't able to sing because of a haematoma, he is now back on stage.
He chose a big stage and a big opera for his comeback. He will perform Otello at the Royal Opera House in London, where he gave his debut in 2004.

Of course, you can shell out serious money and sit in the audience in London from June 28th to July 15th, 2017, but if that is not in the cards you can head to a cinema near you and watch Jonas Kaufmann live there!
On June 28th, various cinemas in Europa broadcast Otello live for opera lovers near and far. Find a cinema right HERE
Verdi would approve!

What is Otello all about?
Spoiler Alert!!

After being gone for quite some time, the governor and general of the Venetian fleet Otello is expected home not only by his people but also by his new wife Desdemona and not a moment too soon because Roderigo is in town and has his eyes set on Desdemona.
Iago is the bad guy in this opera and look out for him! He pretends to be a friend to Otello but he is pretty angry that Otello promoted Cassio instead of him and is willing to help Roderigo win over Desdemona.
Yes, those are the kind of friends everybody needs.
During a celebration, Cassio gets drunk and gets into an argument with Roderigo. Thanks to Iago's meddling.  Otello is mad at his soldiers and strips Cassio of his promotion.
Iago isn't done just yet. He convinces Cassio he should speak to Desdemona who could convince her husband to not punish Cassio. Unfortunately, Otello is a hot head and quite jealous. Of course, Iago is in his ear too and soon he is convinced that his wife has something going on with Cassio.
Then there is the issue with the handkerchief! Desdemona wants to wipe away Otellos seat, he is not having any of it and tossed the handkerchief to the ground. It ends up with Iago, who uses it to prove to Otello that his wife is two-timing him.
A delegation makes Cassio the new governours of Venice and that is all too much for Otello. He hurls abuse at his wife in front of the delegation. When Desdemona gets ready for bed and Otello visits her one more time. And how does Otello deal with disappointment and anger? Well, in opera he naturally strangles his wife! When Iago's plans are revealed Otello is so distraught, that he kills himself. Naturally.  

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