Gift ideas for opera lovers

It could be very easy, if you want to buy a present for an opera lover. You could get some tickets or perhaps (even easier) get a cd. But then again, you could do better. And we just might have some ideas for you.
We put together a gift guide for the opera lover in your life and perhaps you find that special gift or get an idea what to buy. One option, where to look for that special gift, are (online) shops of operas such as The Met or Opera in Paris. They are treasure troves of gifts and stocking stuffers for opera lovers.

Gift guide opera lover .jpg

No. 1: If there is one occasion you can dress up for, it is the opera. The opera loving woman can do that in this gorgeous floor length halter neck gown by Maria Lucia Hohan via Moda Operandi in a colour that suits just about any skin tone and hair colour (1,277 Euros).

No. 2: Sputnik are these gold embellished earings called and they are inspired by the chandeliers at the Met Opera in New York which look just like it (48$).

No. 3: We don't let the gentlemen go without! Just like the chandeliers for the ladies these cufflinks are inspired by the chandeliers at the Met Opera in New York (54$). 

No. 4: Talk about a pot of gold! This honey was harvested from the hives on top of the roof of the Palais Garnier (15 Euros).

No. 5: Some things just never go out of style or at least shouldn't. Just like this vintage opera set for ladies that includes binoculars, a fan and a small mirror. It is from Argentina and was manucfacured around 1880! Things like this have its price (700 Euros).

No. 6: From personal experience I can tell you that I have wished many times I thought to bring some binoculars along to the opera. Nokias white binoculars fit into every purse and are featherlight (200$).