Gift ideas that theatre lovers will enjoy

When you do a quick Google search on gifts for theatre lovers, you'll see quickly that masks are a thing. However, in case you don't want it to be but still are looking for a great gift for this person, we just might have you covered.
Hopefully the ideas in our gift guide are fitting for the theatre lover in your life. Shop on!


No. 1: Bringing theatre love and interior together with a pair of american theatre wall sconces. The don't come cheap, but they certainly make a statement (3,200 Euros).

No. 2: Technically, not a real theatre gift, but from personal experience I can tell you, that sitting in my seat many a times I got cold or felt an annoying draft. A nice pashmina shawl would be wonderful to have.

No. 3: Usually I'm wary of theatre merchandising. I will never use that many keys to justify keeping all those keychains I got. But this book, Hamilton Revolution, is different. Hamilton as been such a hit on Broadway and Los Angeles and now will be a big hit in London too, that it is worth looking at this book. The creator of Hamilton Lin-Manuel Miranda explains the process in detail, the lyrics and the photography. It is a wonderful testament to an award winning musical (25$).

No. 4: A few weeks ago, we told you about Scenery Bags (read HERE). These little pouches are made out of retired theatre backdrops and a percentage of the earnings goes to charity. So you have a great unique gift and do good at the same time. Win-Win all around. (30$).

No. 5: When I was a kid, my father did lots of shadow characters with his hands and it is still one of my favorite memories. Including this shadow theatre for fable animals sure will create some wonderful memories and stories for the little ones (17 Euros).

No. 6: Talk about glamour when wearing these earrings  L'oiseau de Feu (price upon request).

No. 7: Sometimes you just need a doorway and this pretty puppet theatre for hours of fun and an outlet for creative energy (45$).

No. 8: Printed on heavyweight matte fine art paper this blue print of a theatre seat make a great gift for any wall, Available in different sizes and colours (5$).