noun: spectacle; plural noun: spectacles

1. A visually striking performance or display
"the acrobatic feats make a good spectacle"

synonyms: display, show, performance, presentation, exhibition,
parade, extravaganza

"the Queen's Birthday Parade is a spectacle fit for a monarch"

2. An event or scene regarded in terms of its visual impact.

Spectacle is a modern online magazine for theatre, opera and ballet enthusiasts, but with a twist! The website will be updated on four days a week and each day has a topic, so you know exactly what you are getting:
Monday = Theatre
Wednesday = Opera
Friday = Ballet
Weekend = The Long Read, we take a deeper look at certain topics


The team of Spectacle is spearheaded by content creator Yvonne Dewerne, a freelance writer living in Germany, who was introduced to the arts by her father. You can read her work in magazine such as Harper's Bazar Art.

The photography department is led by award winning stylist and photographer Anastasia Benko.

Also a team of freelance writers, designers and also actors, dancers and singers create articles for your enjoyment. You find their names under their articles.


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